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Hey there, if you’re reading this then you’ve stumbled across my small pocket in the derby world– welcome! My name’s Darth Evader, though most just call me Darth. I skate for Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby and this is just a place for myself to put all of my experiences, moments of pride and other derby related thoughts. Now, if you don’t know what roller derby is don’t worry, here’s a link explaining everything you need to know; .

CCRD, my “first love”.

As this is my first post I’ll get up to speed with where I am right now. I started my Fresh Meat in January 2014 and completed it by May that year with the amazing Capital City Roller Derby. After that it was a while till I played my first bout in October against Mean City. That was my first and only bout of the year but in the next year my Derby career started pick up with more games and scrims, absorbing me into the Derby world –I became addicted. To accompany this I began to really develop my skills as a skater and went into 2016 head first to really show it what I was made of: and I did just that.



It was a whirlwind year for me, personally as well as derby-wise, Capital City essentially disbanded and for a few months I was at a loss as to how I should further my skating career. This was until I was taken under the wing of Glasgow Men’s Roller Derby (GMRD), of whom I thrived under for the latter half of 2016 picking up awards left, right and centre all due to the immense amount of experience I was able to soak up at the league.

Safe to say he kept going after I stopped.

And now, in 2017, I’ve already jammed so much into the year; trained with THE Scald Eagle (squeal?!), tried out for the national team, Power of Scotland (PoS) and have finally started to prepare for skating on the national stage in the Men’s Roller Derby Association Championships! It proves to be an action packed year, building on everything I’ve already done.

And that’s why I’m here, I finally feel I’ve been doing this long enough now that I have something worth giving back to this brilliant community. So I’m going to share all my anecdotes, hints, routines, thoughts and tips from my journey so far and the many more that I’ll undoubtedly gain along the way. And if all else fails it’ll be a great way to look back on it all, eh?


Photo credit goes to Laura McDonald, V-Tickle, Duncan Holmes and Kodak kojak respectivley


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